THiNKtech Tablet and Phone

We built apps for teachers to understand their students in real-time

The team at Helm met with the founders in order to understand their vision and objectives. As professionals working in education, they hold an intimate understanding of problems that are facing schools. Technology in the classroom is relatively new and often misused or not as effective as it could be. After a number of workshops we began to understand that the tools that exist were not achieving what was required for educating youth.

Existing applications kept students heads-down and not interacting with one another. We needed to enhance the in-classroom experience and provide insight to teachers.
THiNKtech Tablet and Phone

Informed decisions, custom curriculum, and better student outcomes

It was clear that the founders had strong passion to create a solution for the space. Their mission is powerful and aligned directly with our values at Helm.

Using ThinkTech apps we built, Teachers are able to create unique learning games for students. Students can then log into a live sessions and complete sorting or quiz-like exercises. Teachers can run interactive exercises, at any time, with their entire class. Students using laptops or tablets can work through exercises together. We helped ThinkTech apply cutting-edge techniques like accountable talk and self reflection. Students can engage, interact, and quickly see how they’re doing compared to others in their class.

The digital classroom and beyond

Apps were designed to engage students and report data to teachers. Need to loop back around and cover world religions? Act now. Over 70% of the class is confused that a bat is a bird rather than a mammal? Correct behavior instantly. ThinkTech apps allow instructors to create specific curriculum and understand where students need help.

As we continue through launch with the founders, we’re adjusting and designing new features, consulting on digital strategy, and developing new applications. With each enhancement, student learning is becoming transparent and interactive. Teachers are now agile and able to adjust their teaching based on real-time data. The founders are currently rolling out to multiple school districts and using the applications in their classrooms.

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