Helm was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Gorczyca and Nicholas Barone. Together, they lead cross functional teams to design and solve business problems with technology. Over the years they have nurtured and advanced startups, built Buffalo's tech community, formed companies, and forged great relationships with the businesses they work with.

Our focus is to build digital solutions that are modern, effective, and goal driven. We have a passion for interaction, strategy, and media. Our work has consisted of web and mobile applications, interface libraries, engaging tools, and lasting products. We work with businesses to craft vision, designing and building whatever a project requires. Our product teams apply methods that satisfy your users and provide exceptional value to stakeholders.

We are digital natives who truly love the practice of design.



We’ve refined our methods over the years to allow us to measure progress and get to solutions quickly. Our ideas and method allow us to act as an integrated partner that is there to support your digital decisions. Helm provides value to your organization by listening, collaborating, and producing.


The best work we do is based around cycling through ideas and testing until we've validated the design. It requires learning and adjusting. How do you eat the elephant they say? One bite at a time. We work in manageable chunks called sprints so that feedback stays tight and the job gets accomplished.


Design is fathoms deeper than just making something pretty. UX design is a focus that can prove theories and increase profits; it's about providing results for businesses. By designing with intent and focusing on the UX you're able to reduce costs, drive revenue, and reach customers on an emotional level. Our techniques reduce risk and manage your investment wisely.