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Start strong: ZiZo's Gamification Platform comes to life with Helm's Design Sprint

Helm collaborated with ZiZo, an employee gamification platform, to bring their concept to life and design a product that would revolutionize employee motivation and productivity. Through a Design Sprint, Helm guided ZiZo in validating their idea, identifying essential features, and creating a realistic prototype for further development.


ZiZo is a gamification platform that focuses on enhancing employee motivation, engagement, and productivity. The founder approached Helm with an idea for the platform but required support in validating it, pinpointing key features, and creating a solid plan for development.


  • Design a prototype to validate ZiZo's gamification platform concept
  • Identify and prioritize key features for the platform
  • Design a realistic prototype and UI Design System for user testing and further feedback
  • Shape and prioritize a Backlog of features for v1 of product
  • Create a unified product vision for stakeholders
Zizo UX Design


During the week-long Design Sprint, Helm worked closely with ZiZo stakeholders to create a clear goal, generate individual solutions, decide on the best ideas, and build a realistic prototype. The prototype was then tested with potential users and stakeholders, gathering invaluable feedback and insights.

Helm executed a structured, step-by-step process that aimed to address the challenges within a week. The Design Sprint involved:

  • Mapping the Challenge: Begin at the end. The team needed a clear idea of what goal they wanted to achieve. Imagine we meet one year after our project has been implemented. In this hypothetical future, you are really happy. Why has our project been a success?
  • Sketching and Deciding: Instead of a typical group brainstorm, everyone gave their own detailed, opinionated solutions, following a four-step process that emphasizes critical thinking over artistry.
  • Designing and Prototyping: Helm designed and constructed a finished product prototype for their prospects. With a realistic-looking prototype, they received the best possible data from the test, and learned whether or not they're on the right track.
  • Testing: Instead of waiting for a launch to get perfect data, ZiZo received quick-and-dirty answers to your most pressing questions right away. The data we gathered during the test drove the Backlog creation.
Zizo UX Design


  • Validation of the gamification platform idea
  • Identification of key features and functionalities for employee engagement
  • Creation of a realistic UX design prototype, saving time and resources
  • Valuable feedback from stakeholders and potential users
  • Prioritized Backlog of features to proceed into software development
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ZiZo Today: a rapidly growing startup

Zizo has achieved impressive milestones in a short period. With over $1 million in total annual recurring revenue from its current contracts, the company is set to expand its operations further. In anticipation of a $3 million to $5 million seed round raise this year, ZiZo aims to accommodate its growing team and customer base after having raised a $200k pre-seed round in 2021.

As the business continues to flourish, employing around 25 people, ZiZo expects to double its workforce by the end of the year. Additionally, the startup has formed a partnership with Salesforce with plans to integrate Zizo technology into Salesforce's platform by year's end. This strategic move will grant ZiZo access to Salesforce's entire client base, further accelerating the company's growth and success.


Helm's Design Sprint played a pivotal role in shaping ZiZo's gamification platform. By providing expert guidance and a well-structured process, Helm enabled ZiZo to validate their concept, identify essential features, and create a prototype that laid the foundation for a successful employee engagement and productivity tool.