43North Tablet and Phone

Digital tools that have funded over $25 million for startups in Buffalo

Since before Helm’s existence we have worked to grow Buffalo’s startup scene. So when the opportunity came along to work with 43North we were all in. In our 5+ years together we’ve worked with the team at 43North to build a custom web application and judging platform that powers the entire competition. This effort cut costs for the organization and created a tool that was built exactly to the needs of the people that run 43North.

Through our work with 43North our team has been able to play a direct part in Buffalo’s resurgence.
43north Tablet and Phone

Acting as an innovation partner

To this day 43North is constantly challenging us with new problems they need solved. We are able to perform an important role for them by providing innovative solutions that appeal to their core audience while also letting the nonprofit stay lean and cut costs so they can continue their critical mission of growing Buffalo’s tech economy.

Creating sustainable job growth

For the past 5 years we’ve worked as a partner of the 43North Business Competition here in Buffalo. In that time we’ve built 43North a custom website and a developed a custom web application which powers their annual competition for $5 million dollars in venture funding.

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