Driving Success: OnCore's GolfBoost Creates Game-Changing Innovation

OnCore Golf has teamed up with Helm to expedite the adoption of their recently acquired suite of mobile apps. Helm's strategic digital product experience aligns well with OnCore's manufacturing and marketing expertise, making the relationship a natural fit.


In 2020 OnCore Golf reached out to Helm to discuss working together. OnCore had acquired and AI powered training app for Golfers called GolfBoost. The app had been in existence for a while with some success but OnCore was looking to take it to the next level by increasing the app's user base and creating new revenue opportunities for their core golf ball business.


  • Increase monthly active users
  • Increase paid users
  • Implement a digital strategy for all of OnCore's technology ambitions
  • Update the design of the core app
  • Collaborate with executives and manage offshore development teams
OnCore UX Design


Helm initiated the project by conducting user interviews. We deployed our agile design process, fostering close collaboration with key stakeholders and their development team. Our efforts were concentrated in these core areas:

  • User Research: GolfBoost had some active users of the product. Through many interview sessions we were able to create empathy maps for the current users which would act as a guide to some of the immediate improvements we wanted to make.
  • Product Design: Our early testing of the app paired with user feedback showed that we had to focus on improving a confusing onboarding sequence for users of the app.
  • UI/UX Design: Though the technology behind the app was impressive, the visuals were beginning to show their age. The creation of an updated brand and a design system modernized the app so it felt in line with competitors.
  • Product Management: Helm loves working with teams. One of our first actions was to get integrated into the external dev team's project management software. Through this tool and weekly checkins we're able to set priorities and guide the development with the stakeholder's input.
OnCore UX Design


  • Streamlined user onboarding for maximum impact
  • Increased user engagement by 44% with a magnetic user experience
  • Increased purchase revenue per user by a whopping 181%
  • Launched the groundbreaking sister app: GreenBreaker
  • Pioneered a future-forward product roadmap for continued innovation
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Helm & OnCore: A Dynamic Twosome Elevating the Golf Industry

OnCore Golf consistently tackles formidable challenges, whether it's taking on established rivals in the golf ball industry or launching new lines of business within a growing empire. Helm's involvement with this company brings focus and discipline to their innovation efforts which are poised to grow greatly in future.


Collaborating with OnCore Golf showcases Helm's capacity to join forces with well-established organizations in designing and creating inventive solutions to distinct business challenges. By employing a rigorous product management process, we can continually evolve and refine their ever-growing suite of mobile applications.